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Susie is ten years old in the fifth grade. She wears glasses, braces, and hates her big ears, but mostly she wants to make the basketball team. On her way to school, she falls and breaks her only pair of glasses, and while on her knees, she asks God for help. Right before her eyes, a Cherubic angel named Gabby appears who is the size of a cat. Who wouldn’t love their own personal angel? But there is one problem. The angel has a broken wing because she got into a “hit and fly” accident with a seagull on her way to help Susie.

Together, through unexpected, funny mishaps, they help each other all the while learning to deal with the relentless schoolyard bullies mad Mary and lying Lucy on the basketball team. Can Susie score the winning basket and prove the bullies wrong? Or can she find a courageous way to not only save herself but others too?